Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson

Head of Renewable Energy Advisory Services, Multiconsult

Mr. Ryan Anderson is an economist and Certified European Financial Analyst with 15 years of experience working within power and renewables. Mr. Anderson is currently the Head of Renewable Energy Advisory Services at Multiconsult. He has worked extensively with economic and financial analyses of a wide range of renewable energy projects and combines sector policy, regulatory and technical insight within his analyses. Mr. Anderson has advised developers, corporations, lenders and authorities regarding investment in renewables in Africa. Mr. Anderson was the Team Leader for the assignment which lead to the launching of the Norwegian initiative to support renewable guarantees. Among other notable asignments, he is Project Director for the implementation of GET FiT in both Zambia and Uganda.

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Hvordan kan regjeringens nye satsning på garantier bidra til fornybar utvikling?


Kan offentlige midler brukes smartere for å bidra til å bygge fornybar energi i utviklingsland? Utviklingsminister Dag-Inge Ulstein kommer på Zerokonferansen for å lansere regjeringens nye satsning på garantier for å utløse større private investeringer i fornybar energi.

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