Hong Hoang

Hong Hoang

CEO Change - Vietnam

For 20 years, Hong Hoang has worked on inspiring and engaging communities in the environmental protection in Vietnam. With 350.org, she helped to build the youth-led climate movements in Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. In early 2013, Hong founded CHANGE, one of the few most dynamic environmental non-profit organizations in Ho Chi Minh City, which utilizes new media and creative communication to mobilize, build capacity, and engage community groups in taking actions to solve the country’s most critical environmental issues. In collaboration with CHANGE, young people and other stakeholders including local celebrities and businesspeople work to mitigate climate change, support affected communities, prevent air and plastic pollution, protect endangered wild animals and promote renewable energy and sustainable living. Hong was one of the 12 rising social change makers from 12 nations joining the first cohort of the Obama Foundation Scholars Program at the Columbia University in New York for 2018-2019. She is also on Forbes Vietnam’s list of 50 Most Influential Vietnamese Women in 2019, and won the Green Warrior of the Year title at the Elle Style Awards 2019 in HCMC.

Hong Hoang will be speaking in “Tipping the scale: how to outcompete coal in emerging markets”. Where she will share her insight into Vietnam as an example of the situation that many emerging economies are facing, with the significant amount of current and planned coal power, and the challenges that need to be addressed for Vietnam to replace coal power with renewable energy.

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Fornybar energi utkonkurrer kull i stadig flere markeder, men fortsatt bygges det flere nye kullkraftverk enn det legges ned. Allerede neste år må det bli full stans i byggingen av nye kullkraftverk, sier FNs generalsekretær. Hva kan myndigheter og selskaper gjøre for å utkonkurrere kull raskt nok til å unngå katastrofale klimaendringer?

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